In Search Of …

I found “The Fountain of Youth” … but it was almost dried up.

After drinking the last few drops at the bottom of it, I think I became a little younger because I can’t remember anything I did earlier that day.

Now that I think about it … probably drinking contaminated water would have the same affect.

I’ll keep searching once I’m off these antibiotics.

note:The Puddles of Youth” are usually found at the bottom of pant legs and have no beneficial affects.

double note: thanks for stopping by while I was away.

triple note: I may be going “multi-vitamin” from now on. (once a day)  I’m still thinking or not thinking about it.

9 responses to “In Search Of …

  1. If that’s the fountain of youth, I think I’d rather just age. Happy searching, though!

  2. I have no judgment about the fountain of youth. I’m just glad you’re back because the blogosphere (and my reality) are more interesting with you in it.

    And if I cared about these things (which I pretend not to) I would also mention that you’re cute.

    Welcome back! 🙂

  3. So if that’s the fountain of youth, how gungy is the fountain of old age

  4. I’m a multi-vitamin girl, but I’m 63. I do look better than that fountain of youth, however.

  5. The “tags” for this entry were nearly as entertaining as the entry itself!

  6. I have always had a rule against drinking from puddles.

  7. In this case, it would be the Fountain of Youth -in- Asia.

    Welcome back to your ( our ) blog.

    Were you away studying some thesauruses ?

  8. good one bonnie. lollololol.

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    bonnieluria: damn! I should have thought of that one!

    Everyone: it’s good to be back!

    I agree this is a sad fountain. It’s situated in a little farming community next to a dam. I’m sure it was built to appease the local farmers after flooding many of their farms. It’s almost like giving matches as a condolence gift to a person who’s had their house burned down.

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