My Oldest Brothers’ Birthday!


My oldest brother is turning 59!!!

Almost retirement age: how is that possible?

Notable things about my brother:

– he has been mistaken for my father on a few occasions.

he is a former hippie ( a real one from the 60’s and everything) I’ve seen him in moose boots!!

– he has crashed more volkswagen bugs than German crash test dummies, but still has the creepy-crawley to get underneath them.

he gets seriously intense and animated when telling stories. (possible family trait)

– he has 3 beautiful daughters that I have met at 20 year intervals.

he had something called an “asaphiditti bag” for holding marijuana, before my mother confiscated it.

– he is short and skinny. (not a family trait)

he still bums cigarettes off me when we meet.

– he is amazingly likable and personable. (family trait)

he takes visitors to the garbage dump to see the bears in his city.

– he got most our father’s names. (for which the rest of us are forever grateful)

he has me as a brother.

Happy Birthday Biggest Brother!


note: 2 brothers down and 1 more to go along with 3 sisters. I have blog material for a while yet!

double note: I don’t know how we all turned out so amazingly.

triple note: photo taken a few years ago at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

quadruple note: planetross has a very special visitor coming and will be back about September 16th. Please feel free to ‘stroll around the grounds until you feel at home’.

16 responses to “My Oldest Brothers’ Birthday!

  1. What a great tribute!

    (Note: My birthday is only a few weeks away…)

  2. Wonderful tip of the hat to your brother. He should be suitably blushing.

    So…. are you seeing Mrs. Robinson?

  3. ” he takes visitors to the garbage dump to see the bears in his city.”~my grandparents used to do this!

    He looks a young 59!! Happy Birthday Ross’s bro’.

  4. Does big brother know you’ve revealed all these intimate facts on the dub-dub-dub?

    Hope his birthday is a happy one. Hope your visitor-hosting and bloglessnessdom is also happy.

  5. I wish I had a brother.
    Bears at the tip???
    Good grief!!! we only get stray scraggly cats & seagulls at our tip. Maybe Tassie Devils at night, oh yes & possibly possums, oh I musn’t forget hungry homeless people that might want a tasty possum

  6. Ooooh! Road trip to Tony’s dumpster to see the — wait, did you really say Tazmanian Devils?!?

    Toto, I don’t think this dumpster is in Kansas anymore…

  7. 20 year intervals of niece spotting? Aww…I’m sad for you. My niece and nephews and their tots are better than bear spotting at dumps.

    Well….almost as exciting.

    Happy Birthday eldest one.

  8. He is short because of the smoking!

    He is too young to retire.

    I have 2 brothers.

  9. Happy Birthday to your brother!

  10. Umm…I think it’s time for “someone” to get back to work. 🙂 I won’t say who…. Miss ya blog dude!

  11. P.s.~My gurlz thought youz and kelly’s hula video was heeeelarious. Well,,,, after they said “eeewwww, a million times”

  12. I hope you’re back soon, Ross. Life seems so boring without your odd perspective. 🙂

  13. Wow almost sixty so that makes You close to being a Broken condom Baby

  14. Willy, that is HORRIBLE.

  15. Thanks for all the comments!
    I’m sure my brother had a good birthday, but his “keeping in touch” skills are very spotty: I usually get a birthday greeting from him in March ( my birthday is in early January).

    bonnieluria: you will all eventually know what I was doing during my little break.

    sweetiegirlz: Willy is making reference to a band called “Broken Condom Babies”: 2 of its members stayed at my house a few months ago. and … I am the youngest of 7: consider me a 2nd mistake!
    Like all those people at the Oscars say, “I’m just glad to be here”.

  16. oh i see… well, I am glad you are here too.

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