Dog Groomers







Why are there “dog groomers” but no “dog briders”?

note: Do you need a “pedegree” to be a dog matchmaker?

double note: purebreed anything are not a “breed apart“, but a “breed within“. I think old royal families and a few religious sects proved that one.

triple note: Does purebreeding” in dogs involve having sex incestantly.

quadruple note: planetross is not against “purebred” dogs. I just got carried away with the word.


7 responses to “Dog Groomers

  1. n: … or to take care of people’s feet?
    n²: yes, very inbred. Besides, they’re all Canis familiaris (= Canis lupus). Perhaps overly familiaris
    n³: (psst “incessantly”)

    pannonica: haha! I had to think about the “people’s feet” comment. I thought you were talking about Hush Puppies first. Are you trying to make me bite on “incestantly”?

  2. oh dern, got carried away with boldness.

  3. planetross: ha! No, I wasn’t. It was so obvious that I completely missed it? I suppose if it were a snake…

  4. To dispel an old wives tale about the theory of purebreds, there are only really two actual breeds of dogs in existence today…
    1. Poodles (A very pure breed)
    2. Mutts (All others that have been tainted by impurities since they evolved from Poodles)

  5. Tony only says that because of Missy Moo and Dixie! We all know that Yorkies are one of the purest breeds!

  6. Chihuahuas are the only pure breed! 😉

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