Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh, Pooh, and Pooh Bear are the nicknames for Edward Bear.

Winnie the Pooh is a bear.
Piglet is a pig.
Owl is an owl.
Rabbit is a rabbit.
Kanga and Roo are kangaroos.
Tigger is a tiger (with a bouncy bouncy bouncy tail).

Eeyore is a donkey.

Why isn’t Eeyore called “Donkey”?











note: A.A. Milne, e.e. cummings, and J.J. Evans are all Dyn-o-mite!!


double note: Disney makes about 1 billion dollars from Winnie the Pooh merchandise a year! More than almost all other characters combined! (seriously)


4 responses to “Winnie the Pooh

  1. So why isn’t Winnie the Pooh called Bear? The whole thing reminds me of the supposed behavior of serial killers (learned from movies such as Zodiac and Silence of the Lambs, wherein the first murder is unpremeditated and the subsequent ones are carried out in such a way to form a pattern that obfuscates the first.

    On the other hand, Milne’s Eeyore lapse left the door open for Donkey in William Steig’s (and DreamWorks’) Shrek. Incidentally, the original stuffed animals that inspired Milne’s books are housed in the New York Public Library.

    Lastly, these come to mind immediately: C.C. Rider (classic R&B/Rock n’ Roll song figure), G.G. Allin (notorious, despicable, musician/provacateur, fortunately deceased), H.H. Munro (the author pseudonymed Saki), L.L. Bean (outdoor outfitter/clothier), Z.Z. Hill (blues/soul singer).

    pannonica: you are thinking way too much! I like the serial killer analogy though.

    you’ve missed B.B. King and P.P. Longstockings.

  2. I don’t mean to be a smart-arse but Eeyore’s name comes from the sound a donkey makes. It does stray from the formula but not massively so. As for Pooh, where does that come from? I don’t know, perhaps Pooh Bear is a play on poobah – he is the star of the show after all.

    yeah yeah, shutup Buck!

    Buck Frain: thanks for stopping by. I think “Pooh” is the sound he makes when shooing bees away.

  3. planetross: I wasn’t thinking that much. I just accidentally left the browser open to your page overnight! On the bright side, it probably boosted your “average visit duration” statistic!

    p.s. I think it’s Pippi. e.e. cummings = european economic community?

    buck: I thought everyone knew that. In any case, it would make you a smart-dornkey, no? *smile*

  4. Quadruple note: my friend’s family live in A A Milne’s house, Cotchford Farm, in Sussex. The Original Pooh Sticks stream runs through their property.
    Quintuple note: She tells me that Brian Jones (former Rolling Stone) drowned in the pool there when he owned it.
    Sextuple note: is there such a thing as a sextuple note? Yes there is! Thank you, online dictionary. And there are septuple and octuples too. Learn something every day…

    epicurienne: I wish I drowned in A.A. Milne’s Pool!!! (just being gloomy) I won’t touch the “Pooh Sticks” reference.
    Yes, there are many notes: I’ve only been to “sextuple” a few times. I think after “octuple” it will be “double ocutuple” for me.

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