The Nose Holder

Who ever thought of this design for holding glasses is a genius!

Can you think of other body part designs for holding body part items?

note: images of Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou pop into my head everytime I look at this.

double note: Woody Allen‘s Sleeper pops into my head too: “We must assassinate the leader’s nose.

triple note: this has nothing to do with “My Experiment”: no hair will eventually grow out of the nose’s nostrils.


4 responses to “The Nose Holder

  1. Great idea, have you seen a condom holder yet?
    Oops that was a bit of a naughty suggestion

    Tony: images of a condom holder flickered through my head when I was making this blog, but it’s not really practical is it? I wonder if there is an earring holder shaped like an ear or a pot holder holder shaped like a hand. Or maybe a Q-tip/cotton bud holder shaped like an ear!

  2. Tycho Brahe was the original Man With the Metal Nose. came to mind in response to your challenge.

    But what most immediately occurred to me is the Easter Island Tissue Holder. I’ll not href it here, because a second link in the same comment automatically flags it for moderation. It’s easy enough to find using a web search, though.

    pannonica: you are a fountain of info! The Harry Allen link is very cool. The Easter Island Moai Tissue holders are pretty cool too. I’ve seen them for sale at a local shop and will probably get one eventually. Tycho Brahe! that crazy Dane!!

  3. I keep all my outfits on mannequins. No wonder I have no storage space!

  4. Taking the blog surfer for an afternoon spin around the block, and I recalled that a common design for a jewelry / ring holder is in the shape of a hand.

    planetross & tony: this hypothetical condom holder, is it a pop-up model?

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