Health Conscious


I’ve always thought that I don’t eat enough vegetables, but I’ve been mistaken.

It seems that I have overlooked all the beans I consume almost everyday: coffee beans, jelly beans, and cocoa beans (in the form of chocolate).

Who has beans? I have beans!

I’m a  “has bean” kind of guy!

note: “I’ve bean to paradise, but I’ve never bean to me.”  from some sappy song by some sappy singer in the 70’s.

double note: those beanie babies must be in university by now.


One response to “Health Conscious

  1. Hey PR, we have an “eat 5 a day” fruit and vegetables campaign here in the UK. When I was visiting one of our other offices one Friday, I asked a colleague what she was up to that evening. “I’m off for my five a day” she said. No, she didn’t mean the healthy stuff; she considers 5 glasses of wine her 5 a day on a Friday night. If you drink wine you are drinking a product of a fruit
    (grapes or other) so therefore you are being healthy. Just forget the alcohol bit.

    epicurienne: my 5 a day would be cups of coffee and humming sessions.

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