Dead Socks



I’ve been noticing a lot of single dead socks on the road recently.

Their migratory path must force them to cross a lot of roads.

It’s pretty tragic, as socks usually pair for life.

Poor sock survivor. 

It must feel like having one foot in the grave.

note: do survivor socks usually go in to theatre as sock puppets?

double note: It’s hard to kill porno magazines: when I see them on the road, they are usually gone when I drive by again. People must take them home and care for them.

triple note: I think I have Grateful Dead socks: they all have a “Touch of Gray“.


6 responses to “Dead Socks

  1. ” single dead socks on the road recently.”

    Are they single for a reason?

    Maybe they’d stay off the road if someone would shoe them away..

  2. I once trailed a missing sock of mine and found him hanging out with a bad crowd of leg warmers. They were huffing and listening to rap music. Way out of character. I threw a towel over him and took him to the deprogramming center. He has been happily on my left foot every since. LOL.

    Ck out my writings if you wish

  3. “It must feel like having one foot in the grave.”

    “Poor sock survivor.”

    Aww…now, I’m feeling tragic for those lonely socks. Teach them how to blog for God’s sake. Stop their pain. Make it ours.

  4. Mine rarely pair for life, they just seem to vanish into a third dimension, or the birds steal them off the clothesline. Imagine that, birds in socks, or a sock, why would they only want 1 warm leg? Hmmm, I could do a whole post about birds in sock (singular noun)
    Does Japan still have the footpath located porno vending machines, I was there in the early 80’s when I was in the Navy, we visited Kagoshima, Kure & Sasebo. Also went on a bus tour to Nagasaki. I thought Japan was such a beautiful place.

  5. Socks are a mystery. You put them in the hamper in happy domestic pairs, and they come out of the dryer needing a seminar for to learn how to “Live Single and Love It!”

    I have long been convinced that there is a small wormhole in my washer that sucks up the occasional sock and deposits it somewhere far, far away.

    Now that I know they end up on the side of the road in Japan, I feel much better.

    Thanks, Ross!

  6. Poor things. I don’t see many single socks on roads, maybe European socks aren’t migratory, but I do see plenty of gloves.

    How strange. Do Japanese gloves behave this way? Are there global trends and disparancies we are only just starting to notice? Is this fascinating, or am I just mad?

    Thanks 🙂

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