Flag People

Road construction flag people could make more money if they wore costumes or sandwich boards to advertise something.

They have to stand around all day anyway, why shouldn’t they maximize their earning potential?


note: flag people are like movie extras with really boring scripts.

double note: if flag people waved checkered flags, I would feel better when I passed them.

triple note: What’s the difference between flag wavers and flag people?        Flag people do it for money.

quadruple note: If a flag person has “flagging energy“, do they go to work or not?

quintuple note: I couldn’t find a good “flag person” photo, so I’ve used my clown going to work in Tokyo one. (maybe this is an enlightened high earning flag person)



4 responses to “Flag People

  1. How about this one? (see link above, from an article telling us all how important these guys are…yeah, right)

    jimsmuse: thanks. I was looking for someone with a flag actually. I saw a few, but nothing too exciting. In Japan road work flag people have big flags. There are also cool robotic mannequins that wave flags too, but I’m always driving when I see them and can’t take a photo. I think they only use them at long term projects.

  2. Is “flag people” their official title then? I thought it was “under trained, very annoying people, given the responsibility of controlling traffic.”

  3. This is the only photo I found with an actual flag. Most of them in the USA use “Stop / Slow” signs on poles which I would like to tell them what to do with…


    I would like to see the robotic ones. Come on! Take photos whilst driving! Nobody will notice so long as you don’t hit anything.

  4. hi! You’ll see Japanese robotic mannequins here. They don’t look cool at all.

    hibiki: thanks for the page! These are the ones I was thinking of. They do look better when you see them on the road though! Thanks for dropping by: long time no see.

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