A Very Hot Room

When I walked in to the room, I couldn’t believe how hot it was.

All the other people inside it seemed to be sweating like crazy, but no one was doing anything about it.

No air-conditioner and no windows that could be opened.

“It’s really hot in here. Can I leave the door open?” I asked the others.

“Don’t be a jerk. This is a sauna you moron!” someone replied.


note: If I’m not allowed in to saunas, am I a “persauna non grata”?

double note: Why do sauna thermometers have non-hot temperatures listed? Everything below the minimum hot temperature should just say “broken“.

triple note: Buster Poindexter’s song “Hot, Hot, Hot” is annoyingly catchy.

on a different note: photo taken from a bus in Peru.



3 responses to “A Very Hot Room

  1. If it was a room at the Zoo would it be a Fauna Sauna?

    S. Le: If it was a really hot Fauna Sauna I may pass out on the Flora!

  2. I think S. Le has said all that could be said while being funnier than you here.

    bonnieluria: I thought the “persauna non grata” was pretty good. But it’s not my best, I agree.

  3. Put Bambi in the hot room & it could be a Fawna Sauna. Cut him in half in there & he would be a sawna fawna in the sauna, No stop wait, I’m getting too corny

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