Life giving water. Isn’t it amazing?

All living things need it, except me … right now … in my ear!

I’ve tried hopping on one foot, shaking my head to one side repeatedly, and jiggling my little finger around inside my plugged ear.

It’s not helping.

Maybe those things only work for the hiccups and constipation.

note: swimming ear plugs protect your ears from becoming plugged. ……..  Can you run that by me again? Ahh …. plugged by water. Gotcha.


7 responses to “Water

  1. Personally, if I had constipation AND hiccups, water in my ear probably wouldn’t bother me that much.

  2. I think the resolution is all in how you lean your head and how you twist your tongue.

    Well, that and being cross-eyed.

    Perhaps the problem is jumping up and down on one leg rather than alternating.

  3. In South Africa, the Health Minister recommends garlic and beetroot to cure aids so maybe you should try that.

  4. Sorry, I gave incomplete information: she also recommends lemons and alcohol. Too bad these cure-all were not enough to save her liver which she had to have replaced because of the cirrhosis from all the alcohol she had ingested (as a prevention measure, no doubt!)

    I’d definitely try the garlic in the ear.

    I’m not sure why I went on this tangent.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    The ear problem seems to have evaporated. Now I have a lot of remedies ready for next time.

  6. What you need to do is connect a thin tube to your vacuum cleaner (a broom won’t work as well) insert the tube deep inside your ear, then turn it on. This works more effectively than old wives remedies, you can always rely on appliances…

  7. Jim – Diahorreah (I can never spell it properly) & sneezes together are much worse 🙂

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