Trigger Words #1



Do you know any words that when you hear them, they cause you to roll your eyeballs?

One of mine is: organic   ….   as in “organic food“.

I know what people mean when they say it, but how can one word have 2 definitions that contradict each other?

1. derived from a living organism.

2. food grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizer.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Either almost everything I eat is organic, or almost nothing I eat is organic.

It can’t be both, but it is!

Either I am organic, or I am not organic.

It’s an oxymoron.

It’s like saying: sport

1. an active pastime, recreation, or game having a set form and rules.

2. an active pastime, recreation, or game having no set form or rules.

This word with 2 opposing definitions bothers me.

note: black pudding, blood sausage, liver, and kidney are probably the original organic foods.

double note: I wonder which definition organic chemists like?

triple note: Are organs at hockey arenas and churches “vital organs“?

quadruple note: Is organ music: 1) made with an organ?   2) made by an organism?  3) made by people not on drugs?


11 responses to “Trigger Words #1

  1. I know exactly what you mean. There are some words that have been used out of context so much that they actually have new meanings. The word that makes me roll my eyes is “Green” It’s bad enough that it can mean envy, inexperience, or sickness, but now it means caring for the earth. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but “green” is used enough!

  2. The word that gets my goat is “pre-owned.” Years ago people used to sell “used” cars—now they’re marketed as “pre-owned.” I see it as a way to refer to used cars in a less negative light, but why it really ticks me off is because–while “pre-owned” is short for “previously-owned”– literally, pre-owned should mean “new,” as in “before being owned” because that’s what the prefix “pre-” means (as in “prenuptial”).

  3. Hmm…I expect that the vegetables and meat that I eat are derived from living organisms (plants and animals) and I prefer that they come from an environment that is lacking in artificial fertilizers, injected hormones or other things that cause foods to be produced in non-natural ways.

    So I guess I am disagreeing with your base premise:

    >>>how can one word have 2 definitions that contradict each other?

    1. derived from a living organism.

    2. food grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizer.


  4. I like the word “Bomb” and at the same time, feel quite confused whenever it’s used. Is it good or bad? I never know. I just smile knowingly and nod.

  5. “I wonder which definition organic chemists like”

    I suspect that any carbon based compound would fit the bill.

    Vegetarian is the word that bugs me because when I’m throwing a diner party I have to think about a friend I like who has a vegetarian wife that I’ve got to cater for. To top it off she is very brittle and such hard work for everybody to deal with socially. All the personality and charm of a turnip.

    When I hear the word vegetarian it’s like hearing fingernails being dragged across a blackboard.

  6. Besides laughing at “charm of a turnip”, I checked out your movie reference. I had not heard of the movie. It is a list of 100 horror movies. Oh, that’s why I hadn’t heard of it! I have only seen 5 on the list and they were thrillers more than horror movies. How many have you seen, PR?

    Having nothing to do with word meanings, of course.

    Organic means “expensive” to me. But, the colors of the vegetables look brighter and deeper to me or do organic stores have better lighting?

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    prometheuscomic: I’ve never thought about that one before! I have another word to bother me now! thank you.

    prairieflounder: green does seem to be overused: purple should have more meanings. I’m going purple!! (sorry, you should have been the first one I replied to; I feel so purple)

    Augusto: we will just have to agree to disagree I guess.

    nathaliewithanh: slang definitions are always tough to figure out. There was a Canadian guy over here for a few years who said everything was “nasty”. It took me a while to figure out that “nasty” was a good thing.

    razzbuffnik: don’t be opening up a can of organic worms with all your vegetarian talk! Actually I was going to get around to a “vegetarian” blog one of these days.

    w1kkp: I actually didn’t look at the list when I was looking for a photo, but after reading your comment I went back to it and figured out I have seen 25 on that list: Black Christmas, The Birds, and Rocky Horror would be a few of the ones I’d recommend.

  8. 25!!

    I’ve seen “The Birds” of that trio.

    I think this may be a movie genre that will be on my list of “To Do’s” when I croak. It shall not be checked off.

    Come to think of it, I think “To Do” lists may be great grist (is there such a thing as “great grist”?) for your planetross mill, no?

    w1kkp: I’ve done something similar a long time ago:
    But I’m sure I have “to do” a lot of other stuff by now.

  9. The term in question is autoantonym. I recently whined about “oversight” on my feeble blog.

    re: “pre-owned” It’s obviously a shortening of previously owned, but the contraction produces an unfortunate result.

  10. p.s. The title of the post reminds me of Tiger Woods. That man gets too much exposure.

    pannonica: If this title reminds you of Tiger Woods, I may have to change the name of the “My Pal Gordon” blog I’m writing!! hee hee!

  11. re: “My Pal Gordon” ooh, you’re baaad. Just Do It.

    Incidentally, ever since I discovered “tross” is a spelling variant of truss, I’ve been having trouble not picturing a commercial jet sporting a corset whenever I come here. Dare I create a photoshop image of this outlandish vision?

    pannonica: Whatever floats your boat! or plane! I travelled with a Dutch Guy in Australia. He was looking in a guide book for places to stay in Darwin and found a nice backpacker place which he pronounced “Frog Shollow”. A few days later, I was telling someone where we were staying and realized that it was really “Frogs Hollow”. I am slow sometimes

    note: never trust the Dutch.

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