I’ve found a hobby!

I’ve signed up for this great course; it involves working with my hands, making things, being creative.

I don’t consider myself a craft orientated person, but I may have a knack for this one.


note: the little stand outside the shop was empty: no surprise there really.

double note: I think I have an “appointment” with “disa“.

5 responses to “Crafts

  1. you’re so naughty, mister. 😉

  2. The apostrophe makes me think that perhaps something has been hand made by Tit.

    Is Tit a person or are there tits somewhere with hands that make things. I wonder what tits with hands would make?

    Cheese balls perhaps?

    Wait a minute…….

    Oh I get it now!

    Those little birds called tits have made birdsnests for soup!

  3. You missed the huge line up! I waited all night for my hand made tits! I lost one though……It’s just not the same now.

  4. Did you keep your appointment with ” ster”?

    ( I’m assuming, second half of ” disa”)

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: only mildly naughty.

    razzbuffnik: hee hee! I think the Japanese writing below says something about making dolls actually.

    Kelly Pettit: you don’t fool me; I know you hate line-ups.

    bonnieluria: you have assumed wrong, but I like that one too! I was thinking “disappointment“. I actually screwed that one up, it should read “dis“.

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