Why do some clothing and shoe stores insist on not separating the men’s and women’s sections.

I’m usually not in the mood for a game of hide and seek or wanting to participate in a treasure hunt to find a pair of running shoes or jeans.

Mixing the 2 together is pure madness.

I swear some stores are under the misconception that alphabetization by size or fabric is the way to go.

You don’t find puppies in fish tanks or kittens tucked away in bird cages at a pet shop: some things just don’t go together.

If there isn’t a big sign telling me where the men’s section is or I can’t spot it with a quick glance; I start questioning my sexual identity, get confused, and leave.

note: On planetross there are men’s and women’s shopping centers.

The men’s shopping centers have 2 stores and are open once every 2 weeks for 3 hours. There is talk of shortening these hours.

The women’s shopping centers are so big they have to be distributed evenly so as not to cause the planet to wobble out of orbit.


8 responses to “Shopping

  1. Seems like someone has not embraced his metrosexuality…

  2. Was it Old Navy? I noticed their clothes sections are always indistinquishable.

    There’s very few men who like shopping is there?

  3. Is it a Japanese thing? I’ve not run into that, ever! Of course, I don’t get out much…

  4. I love the photograph! When you credit these images are they from sites that are set up for just this purpose?

  5. When the sexes are separated I always get weird looks from the women when I’m in the female section with my wife. You can’t win, really.

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    nathaliewithanh: Nothing metrosexual about me. I’m not driven that way baby!

    sweetiegirlz and S. Le: this blog was spawned by an Adidas store that is simply impossible to navigate. I was looking for shoes (size 12/30cm) but all genders were mixed together in a system that I couldn’t understand. To make matters worse, the big sizes are always on the bottom of the stacks and the numbers are unreadable from more than 2 inches/5cm away. Looking around the rest of the store, I realized that all the clothing was bunched together in the same fashion. I guess that is why I buy my shoes at the Nike shop next door.

    w1kkp: the images come from me googling things like “confusion” and then looking at the photo section. I am a bottom dweller like razzbuffnik talked about on one of his posts; but I feel better crediting the site at least. I don’t know what the etiquette is, but if someone doesn’t want me using their stuff I will delete it. To be honest, I used to use all my own until I couldn’t pick appropriate photos, then I just used stuff without linking it, then after all you artistic people started looking at my blog I grew a conscience and started linking stuff. I sleep the same as before: thanks for asking. (I am smiling nervously)

    razzbuffnik: I don’t mind going into a women’s clothing store for a while (with a woman). I just don’t like being asked my “opinion” about stuff.

  7. Hmmmm….Now, I’ve been thinking about this PR…your using the photographs and crediting them….you said you were smiling nervously? Yeah, well, here it comes. But, not bad, really. Pepto Bismal (you could have a planetross orgy with that wordplay) is not necessary but I would like to throw out something to you.

    On my site, I write under each photograph “Photographs cannot be used without written permission”. So, I was thinking if it was you and you wrote to me asking for one of them, I’d check out your site (if I didn’t know you already silly!) and write back “Great, I’d be honored.”

    But, what if it was scummy site? I would for sure say “no”. Of course, scummy sites wouldn’t ask. Razz just wrote about those sites that steal them and they really are infuriating to see your whole post and image be totally lifted!

    And, then, I thought well, PR is not scummy, and he doesn’t ask either.

    And, that’s what caught me in the justice scale of thought…on the one hand there’s lovable PR and then on the other the creeps.

    Also, I wonder if by using others work so easily, you might not be shortshrifting your own talent. Your eye is obviously unique and if you photographed more, or took it more seriously, I suspect you’d have your own work to match with each of your wordplays and wouldn’t need to go to these sites and then be smiling nervously when asked about it.

    I also realize that there is nothing that can be done about these creepy pirates and that by crediting your contributing artists, you are planets evolved from this same piracy.

    Just some thoughts while sitting around the fire cooking some Scottish food.

    Again, I am thinking out loud

  8. “cooking some Scottish food”

    Oh No!

    Not deep fried Mars bars again!

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