In the “How To Make an Action Movie Manual” there must be an entire chapter devoted to manholes.


note:  Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis must be the air duct/manhole using champion.

double note: Do the workmen climbing down manholes use “manhole coveralls”?

triple note: another great idea from Pat Coakley at Single for a Reason.

quadruple note: This manhole cover photo taken in Karuizawa city, Nagano Japan. It depicts Mt. Asama: a very active volcano.

10 responses to “Manholes

  1. Seriously? That’ s a manhole cover? It is beautiful! And, so detailed. Are they like this all over the city? Or, is this the Queen of…no King of Manhole Covers? Also, is it clear what it is covering? For example, yesterday, I took a walk and all I saw were mancovers that said DRAIN, SEWER. The Japanese characters on the bottom may indicate which it is.

    Whatever it is, it is a terrific example of how looking down is worth the time away from cloud watching. I even like the bricks around it!

    w1kkp: Karuizawa is a touristy place. I think all of the manhole covers were this design, but only the ones on the pedestrian walkway shopping street were colored. I think the kanji at the bottom probably says something about the scenery; the workmen know which holes are theirs.

  2. It’s a very pretty personhole (politically correct)cover.

  3. Unexpectedly well designed, considering its’ function.

    note: no matter how active that volcano is, it doesn’t compare to the volume of new postings on your blog.

  4. Oh….ah…..well, that wasn’t the kind of man-hole I expected to see from reading the title.

    That’s awkward.

  5. That manhole cover is very similar to one I saw in Inuyama. If you want to have a look at it, here’s a link:

  6. Thanks for all the comments. Sorry I’ve been short of time to reply recently.

    razzbuffnik: your manhole is very similar and very nice. I bet most touristy areas over here do the same thing. I’ll investigate this hypothesis.

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  8. planetross:

    Was there something hinky about my comment that resulted in its deletion? Please let me know so I don’t make a similar mistake in the future.

    pannonica: if you left a comment on this entry, I didn’t see it or it was filtered into spam and I didn’t catch it. I did see your link to “manhole covers of New York” (and looked at it: very nice I must say) on someone else’s blog.
    Sometimes regular commenters have left comments with links and they end up in Spam (probably because of something in the link). I usually catch them though. I’m sorry if I did that.

  9. No, my miffing was miffplaced. I posted it on Tony’s blog and got confused. Too much of a whirlwind tour of blogville today. So sorry!

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