“I’ve got a secret!

But I can’t tell you what it is because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.”

Is it human nature to want to share a secret with someone so you can get mad at them after they share your secret with others?

Or is it something else?

“Okay. I will tell you my secret if you promise not to tell anyone else in the whole wide world.

My secret is … ‘I don’t have any secrets that I’m going to tell you.’

note: Does “www. something” stand for “whole wide world”?

double note: Diary companies really do need to improve the security features on their products. That little lock is pathetic.


4 responses to “Secrets

  1. I’ve got the real dirt on sir planetross. I just don’t blab out info though….. and anyone interested, I’m not easily bribed.

    Friends don’t do that to each other.

    That would be as low as like the time planetross smashed his neighbors window with his elbow thinking it was his own apartment and ……

    oh…. ooooops.

  2. If I ask for dirt, I’m quite sure I’ll get another picture of a lawn mower… I’ll abstain. I have a whole collection already.
    Thinking your neighbor’s apartment is your own is very Robert Downey Jr. circa 1996. Did he fall asleep in one of the children’s bed?

    The best scene about telling a secret in a movie EVER: “In the Mood For Love”, by Wong Kar-Wai: at the end of the movie, Tony Leung whispering his secret to a hole in a tree so that it will be buried forever.
    This movie is amazing… unless you like action movies in which case I would not recommend it.

  3. I’m with you on that movie nathalie — it’s absolutely fantastic.

    I just hope no one finds MY tree…

  4. I’ve never met a lamppost I didn’t distrust.

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