Does a scratched limousine have stretch marks?

Does a scratched ship have berth marks?

note: if you comment on this blog will they be re:marks?

double note: I tell people I have been in a limousine, but it was only a school bus. I stretch the truth sometimes.


3 responses to “Marks

  1. Does a scratched letter have a post mark?
    Does a scratched seat have a bench mark?
    Does a scratched lobe have an ear mark?
    Does scratched ice have a pock mark?
    Does a scratched question have an interrogation mark?

    Does Wahlberg have a marky mark?

  2. It’s fun once you scratch the surface.
    After your comment I realize that I am not up to scratch. Oh well, I’ll have to start from scratch again.

    Does a “scratched” German currency have deutsche marks?

  3. All right sensei, I can’t top the Deutsch Mark.
    You’ve defeated your grasshopper. 😉

    You have to admit that the Marky Mark was pretty good, no?

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