I guess to albinos everyone else is just a “pigment of their imagination”.

note: Is “furmentation” when you are born with fur?   Or does it have something to do with grapes and stuff?

double note: Why are all snowmen albino?

triple note: planetross is off for a 3 day weekend and won’t be posting. Bet you thought I’d gone nuts with 5 posts all together! Have a good weekend. See you next week.

quadruple note: WordPress went weird with the post “Googling“. It’s out of order from the others for some reason. Check it out! I like that one.

7 responses to “Albinos

  1. That albino Tawney Frogmouth is living proof that albino’s have more fun! Are blond’s a step down from albino’s?

  2. So Albino a lack of pigment. That makes hair white. On a color wheel white is all colors combined and black is the absence of color. But people of color don’t have white hair. I am so confused.

  3. Note to Kelly Pettit: Blondes do not have more fun; they just get dirty faster. I would surmise Albinos get dirty even faster!

  4. I had a Tawny Frogmouth on my verandah once but it flew away when I tried to get closer.
    It’s not a frog, it’s not tawny, it has a beak in front of its mouth instead of lips
    Shouldn’t it be a White Bird Beak
    Hmmm… imagine a bird with lips….

  5. Ross~ Have a brilliant weekend. You are the most prolific blogger I’ve ever seen! Give your poor computer and your over worked brain a rest then!

    Note to Tony: Did it hurt when the bird landed on your verandah? Sounds painful.

  6. I think furmentation describes the way your tongue feels when you wake with a hangover. It reminds one of the hair of the dog.

    Growing up in NYC, I can attest that not all snowmen are white. Some are grey (pure as the driven slush, à la Tallulah Bankhead), and some are yellowed (à la Rex the Runt).

    à la Tallulah.
    (Sorry, I just wanted to say that again. mmm)

  7. what a fine picture of albino. I could not understand what you want to say to Albino people.

    ahmedseo: thanks for looking at my blog. I was just thinking about Albino people and what they might think of other people.

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