The little house next to mine has been rented again.

A moving van came and unloaded a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t see too much from my front window, that I was standing at anyway.

I saw a little bit more from my bathroom window; but I started to cramp up from standing on the toilet, hunching over to see out the window, and twisting my neck at an extreme angle.

Most things were in boxes anyway. Why aren’t there see through boxes? It would make it easier to see what’s in them.

After everyone left, I walked over to the house because I had something to do over that way for some reason. They had already started to unpack; at least the curtains anyway.
The curtains are the right size and pretty thick; I couldn’t see anything else.

I hope the new neighbours are better than the last ones: they were a bit nosey.




note: I’m turning in to my mother.


8 responses to “Neighbours

  1. Ha-Ha!

    It won’t belong before the neighborhood kids start recognizing you as :

    the “really strange man who always peers out his window in a wife beater shirt — and no wife”

    …. the tales will start there and expand!

    Let’s see, you’ve got aliens in your windows, an unused wheelchair in your yard, and your beady little eyes that peer at people out the windows.

    I’d be scared if I was a kid!!

  2. It is so annoying when people hide behind drapes.

    It is really inconsiderate and not at all neighborly.

  3. I think neighborhood watch is your calling: snooping for the greater good.

    I have a cheating man neighbor on the left and a very oral woman neighbor on the right. I wish they had better quality curtains. Nights can get pretty noisy in my neighborhood.

    I bought a drum set for revenge.

    The wheelchair sits in your yard? That’s awesomeness right there! I will be thinking about getting one for my front yard, putting a flower pot on it, and taking bets on how long it will take the neighborhood association to contact me. 😉

  4. I like everything about this post. The thought of a 40’s somethin’ year old very tall man standing on a toilet to see his new neighbor’s “stuff” just amuses the hell out of me. I imagine your mother may not be so amused.

  5. I resemble that last remark!

  6. So rude of them to shut the drapes! Not a good start.

  7. You should go over and offer then some maple syrup and Canadian back bacon.

    Change your shirt first though!!

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Kelly Pettit’s description of me is all wrong. I do not have beady little eyes! They are just a bit squinty.

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