Have you ever “Googled” your name?

No, me neither.

note: I’m sure if I did, there would be a bunch of cool stuff about … a bunch of people with the same name as mine, people with similar names minus a letter or two, people with my name reversed, or obituaries about dead people.

double note: you are just way out of luck if your last name is Google: maybe there is something on page … a billion.


2 responses to “Googling

  1. Well, I must be the only one here then that does. I am on a bunch of music sites, podcasts, internet radio, blah blah blah. I’m always curious as to which ones get the most hits. It helps me concentrate on the ones that can help promote my music better.

    Oh, I just googled your name and I Am The Cheese was the first thing to come up. Congrat’s. Mind you, a strong second was America’s most wanted. Is that why you’re still in Japan?

  2. I “Googled” my name once…

    Found out I was wanted in 16 states, 4 countries and a different realm of existence.

    I believe the phrase, “Shoot to Kill” was mentioned a lot.

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