Bicycle Seats


Is it just my ass, or are bicycle seats extremely uncomfortable?

Has anyone improved the seat?     No way!    They make padded bicycle shorts instead!

I may be way off here, but isn’t that like making pajamas better instead of making beds better?

I’m just wondering.





note: Is Lance Armstrong a “spokesperson”?

double note: Are unicycle shorts unisex?

5 responses to “Bicycle Seats

  1. Well my friend, this is a field I am an expert in (unfortunately). They do make very comfortable cycling seats but you’ll never see racers use them because they’re big, heavy and in the way of pedal power. Woman’s cycling seats are wider too.
    Of course, the other thing is that it’s similar to riding a horse. Those that don’t do it often get sore rumps but those that do, have no problems what so ever.
    OK, so now I’m just waiting for the flood of jokes to come. 😉

  2. I think they actually sell gel-like seats. Expensive though (still can’t discern why…), and who knows if they even help. They still look pretty narrow and uncomfortable…. They are basically supposed to be a softer version of the regular seat though.

    As for it getting normal after awhile…. Nope. My ass is always sore when I ride those accursed bicycles.

    Give it up, go walking. Or get one of those really nifty reclining bikes…they usually have nice seats.

  3. Wow the high up in the air bikes are really odd looking. How do they put their feet down to stop???
    I got a sore bum when I first got my bike but after a few weeks of riding 5 kms to work each way each day my bum got used to it….

  4. I may be way off here, but isn’t that like making pajamas better instead of making beds better?

    Spoken like a true guy. Condoms vis à vis the “woman’s responsibility.”

  5. Sorry. Didn’t mean to come across as having an agenda. Please forgive.

    p.s. Have you ever considered going in the opposite direction with your addenda (not agendae): note, half note, third note, quarter note, et al.?

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