The White Rabbit


When you see a white rabbit, it’s usually just a white rabbit.

Don’t be thinking you are Alice in Wonderland or in The Matrix or something.


note: If you see a white rabbit flying an iron, well that’s a different story all together.


double note: I’m waiting for “Jefferson Wormhole Technology” to come out with a new Cd.

5 responses to “The White Rabbit

  1. And if you see a white rabbit flipping pancakes your looking at the moon!

  2. Did you ever eat this? My kids LOVE this candy and me too. It’s addicting like crazy.

  3. You should never underestimate a white rabbit. Unless you have a Holy Grenade of Antioch safely tucked away somewhere in your van… 😉

  4. White rabbit flying an iron. Hmmm that’s a good one. Monsieur and I enjoy Japanese animation films. The last one we saw was Porco Rosso – how suitable to make a film about a flying pig. Now we just have to wait for the iron-flying bunny to hit the box office!

  5. Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits, Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit….

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