Yes, I Did Make The Bed



“You made your bed now lie in it!”

I think I intended to do that when I made it. It’s called a plan of action.

You made your dinner now eat it.      Okay

You washed your clothes now wear them.      Okay

You started the car now drive it.        Okay

You bought the beer now drink it.     Okay

You try it; it’s fun!

You _____ the _____ now _____ it.     Okay

note: I hope The Little Red Hen and her chicks got nice and fat from eating all that bread. mmm chicken

double note: sorry about the last comment. I went off on a tangent there; I don’t usually do that. hmmm triangles.

6 responses to “Yes, I Did Make The Bed

  1. You cut the Cheese, now blog about it.

  2. “You bought the dog, now clean up after it.”

    The Little Red Hen had lazy family and friends. I hope they starved.

  3. Bonnie Luria, I hereby disown you.

    planetross, I apologize for this apparte, but my highly successful efforts to steer you away from the toilet will not be compromised by an island slacker.

    I showed your blog to my friend Mike and he was happily chuckling along until we got to your Deadly Farts post. He lost it and ROARED with laughter. I’ve disowned Mike as well.

  4. You started a blog now finish it. —-Doh! Maybe I should take up left handed writing too.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    You’ve read the blog now you’ve commented on it. (I am happy)

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