Random “Ball Sport” Questions


1. Were the rules, playing fields, and spectator areas for sports with slightly expensive balls designed to  keep the fans from stealing them?      (soccer, football, rugby, basketball, and even Aussie rules)
Every time that net gets hoisted behind the uprights in football, it is saying “We do not trust you“.

2. Are baseball and cricket the only sports where the best thing to happen is for the ball to go out of play?
            Home Run!  Yeah!              A 6!  Hoorah! Bully!

 3. Are volleyball and tennis the only ball sports where the ball going in to the net is a bad thing?

4. Is golf the only ball sport where the ball is never out of play?
    This sounds like “empty lot kids’ ball game rules” to me.
    Golf balls are cheap too! Who invented this game?


note: planetross prefers ball sports with pucks and rocks.


8 responses to “Random “Ball Sport” Questions

  1. What’s the oldest ball sport in the world ?

    iguanawoman: although I’m not an information service, I was curious as well. A ball game called “Ulama” has proof of being continually played for at least 4,000 years mainly between Mexico and El Salvador. (which probably makes it the longest game ever played on the largest court! haha!)

  2. cool pic. Did you see the Ripleys believe it or not (upside down) building in Orlando FL? It is also freaky.

    sweetiegirlz: that is a cool looking building too!

  3. Nice…I’d like to know why is a football the only representative of the non-round variety and who’s idea was it to make it so?

    travellinbaen: rugby and aussie rules balls are similar in shape to a football. I want to know why a basketball is usually orange.

  4. Backyard cricket rules when I was a kid was over the fence is out.
    Hit the fence without going over was a 6

  5. Cynical Scribble

    Good picture!

    travellinbaen: basketballs started out dark brown/natural tan colour. They became orange so they could be seen better by fans and players.

  6. The penny-pinching Scotts invented golf, yeah? Figures then.

    The photo is awesome!

    Pucks and rocks sound oh so Canadian, eh?

  7. Badminton is also a sport when it is bad to hit the net but the dont use a ball

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