In The Kitchen



The people in charge of naming kitchen stuff are either not very imaginative or else think people are stupid.

They seem to state the obvious:

ice cream scoop        soup bowl
potato peeler             tea spoon
butter knife               ice pick
lobster fork               coffee cup
dinner plate               salad tongs
frying pan                  sugar bowl
drinking glass           salt shaker
pizza cutter               rolling pin


I’m glad they aren’t in charge of naming other stuff:

driving car     money wallet     coloring crayon     hand pen     communication phone     cutting scissors

note: I’m all for “dundancy” and against “redundancy“. To reiterate, I am “anti-superfluous” and “pro- regularfluous”.

double note: if you hang knives and forks on a christmas tree are they “utinsels“?

triple note: if you hang knives and forks on a christmas tree are you cutting edge or just forked?


8 responses to “In The Kitchen

  1. Amazing thoughts and observations! I want some of what you’re drinking. You are so clever.

    If you are anti-redundancy, why do you reiterate?

  2. Maybe it’s an intelligence test?

  3. No clever comment here. Just admiring your talents. Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

  4. Hot water heater, Sponge Mop.

  5. “Where’s the thingamajiggy” is what you’d hear in my kitchen most days.

  6. You forgot tooth brush. But Toilet paper should be bum paper. I’ve never wiped the toilet with it, just my bum

  7. Oh I didn’t take enough notice, it’s Kitchen utensils, bum wiping in the kitchen is not good, especially if you have visitors

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