Money Making Scheme #2

I’m going to market birthday playing cards.

Birthday cards and playing cards are both popular, why not enjoy them together?

One card a year for 51 years! It’s a foolproof plan.

Some people will collect anything anyway.


note: maybe in the 52nd year I will sell a rule book or a joker or something.

double note: If you missed Money Making Scheme #1, it’s still here.

5 responses to “Money Making Scheme #2

  1. Brilliant! You are simply brilliant!

  2. I’d agree with Willy Badger but his name frightens me and I don’t want any association with a name like that!

  3. I think the use of Ha! Ha! instead of emoticons makes it timeless yet not as joyful. Perhaps Pat will order the 52 year subscription for her new niece/nephew (I’m quite sure you could guilt her into buying it.)

    Is this planetross art?

    I agree with S. Le about Willy Badger’s name.
    S. Le’s name is so much more reassuring…

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Who is picking on my friend Mr. Badger? I think his name is “Brilliant, simply brilliant!”
    If I remember correctly, his middle name is the funny one.

    nathaliewithanh: no it’s just a photocopied picture of “Nelson Muntz” the “HaHa” kid from the Simpsons and a photo copied regular playing card. I had to use scissors and pencil crayons to achieve the final product. For more technical information on how I created this work of art, please e-mail me.

  5. No way, nathaliewithanh. Guilting won’t make me buy it. This just say no to emoticons campaign is a public service.

    But, cards!! They are mah thinggggg. I love em’. But, birthday cards that don’t count up to my age make me feel left out. Opposite of Ha Ha.

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