Are you tired of movies with linear plots and 2 dimensional characters?

Then you need 3D contact lenses!

They make the most painfully boring movie a major spectacle … but without the spectacles.

How do they do it? I don’t know, but I’m sure drugs and mind control are involved!

note: sure you could probably watch 3D movies with them too.

double note: take the 3D lenses out at a 5th Dimension concert or you won’t see Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr..

triple note: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine makes my arms fly out from my sides and spin every time.

quadruple note:  Sponge Bob in 3D …. glasses.



2 responses to “3D

  1. Can you say “magic mushrooms?” I’m sure you can.

    S.Le: thanks for all your comments. I’m glad you find my stuff interesting or odd or something. Sorry I don’t reply more often. “Magic Mushrooms” or “Shrooms” actually grow in abundance on Vancouver Island where I grew up. Every September I’d see strange people wandering around in cow fields with one eye searching for mushrooms, one eye looking out for cops, and one eye looking out for angry farmers.

  2. Enough ‘shrooms and they will grow that third eye for sure…

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