If “confetti” is just little circular pieces of paper, then does a paper-shredder produce “conspaghetti”?












note: metal confetti would be a lot easier to throw … and it’s reusable too!

Save the Earth and all that stuff, you know.

double note: the singular of confetti is “confetto” (seriously). I brought my confetto for the wedding; aren’t they going to be surprised!!


One response to “Confetti

  1. It might be a little off-topic, but your comment on confetti at weddings reminded me of a Tom Waits quote about a woman who gets around that I’ve always loved: “She’s been married so many times she’s got rice marks all over her face.”

    Then again, in Italian, “confetti” are chocolate covered almonds–they would probably leave marks on your face as well…

    jimsmuse: another Tom Waits fan crawls out of the woodwork. I know that song well, but I don’t take advantage of myself when I take myself on dates.

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