The “sound barrier” was broken a long time ago, but what about the  other barriers:

sight barrier“, “touch barrier“, “taste barrier“, and “smell barrier“?

Those ones must be the difficult ones to break!

note: I wish someone would improve the smell barrier.

double note: juice companies always claim their products “taste berrier“, but I think that’s done through squeezing more than breaking.

triple note: one barrier that shouldn’t be broken is the “Great Barrier“.


4 responses to “Barriers

  1. My bike ride to work takes ma past the sewage treatment plant.

    I can personally guarantee that the smell barrier has been broken. Ugh…

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. I personally think the smell barrier should be fortified! Or at least the BAD smell barrier…

  3. Man up, TP — you haven’t really lived on the edge of the smell barrier until you drive by the egg factory about ten miles away from my house.

    On a hot day, folks will drive literally 30 minutes out of their way to avoid getting anywhere near it.


  4. Egg factory?!? That has to be some seriously specialized machinery! We always used chickens.

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