Goodbye Smiley Face

As of now I have sworn off the smiley face and all that its cute little visage symbolizes.

No more will it grace my comments.

No more will you know instantly that I am happy.

No more will you know when I’m being sarcastic, taking the piss out of you, being playfully facetious, or dead serious.

No more!  No more!   No More!

My reliance on emoticons has ended. I will endeavour to be as verbose and witty as Falstaff or as minimalist as Butthead on my comments. I will hone my wordsmith skills instead of pushing the “colon” and “right parenthesis” buttons.

I am a lowercase blogger from  this day forth. (except at the beginning of sentences, proper pronouns, and regular punctuation)

I have chosen this lonely path in the hope that in some small way I can be an example for others who have been too afraid to escape the lure and convenience of our happy friend.

There are dark days ahead with no yellow round thing with 2 dots and a curved line to light the way, but this is the path I will walk.

Goodbye smiley face. You will be missed but will always have a special place in my tool bar, although I will not use you.

This is a very emotional moment for me, but I can not really express how I feel.


note: To quote James Taylor, “Whenever I see your smiley face, I have to smile myself because I love you”.

double note: this is Single for a Reason‘s doing. 
                        Sweetiegirlz thank you for your support, but it has all been for naught.

triple note: I will definitely be increasing my “haha!” usage.

12 responses to “Goodbye Smiley Face

  1. Does this mean that there will also be a lull in LOLs’?

    Are LOLs’ a step beyond hahaha’s or are they about the same level of jocularity?

  2. This is just plain wrong. You have been smiley-whipped my friend and your round happy balls have been taken away. Smiley castrato! Farismili!

    I don’t dig it. ;-(

    Come back happy ross, come back!
    😉 :-0 :-/ ;-\ 😀 :’-) :-> |-)

    Are you sleeping yet? Fine you’re going to fuck up my whole emulation!

  3. Ok. You had me at “An increase in the haha usage”.

    Yes, it was all the way at the end, but nonetheless, I cracked up. Which is really all that’s important here at singleforeason, and, of course, world peace.

  4. Good bye and good riddance to emoticons! Can’t stand the things! Sayonara to them I say! [img][/img]

  5. There was supposed to be a clever use of a emoticon there but it didn’t work! Drat!

  6. Good for you I say. I rely on them constantly too. I always feel somewhat guilty using them too…don’t know why. Maybe because I am relying on them instead of my writing.??

  7. I’m sad. 😦
    I want Planet Ross emoticons back. :0
    Please bring them back. :-!
    A life without little yellow faces will prove too depressing 😦
    Just don’t use them on Pat’s page. I don’t think there’s an emoticon for that.

  8. Thanks for all the comments. (I am happy)

    bonnieluria: I thought about the LOL or your “LULL”, but I’m more of a “haha!” generation person. (I am happy)

    nathaliewithanh: Pat has neutered me (I am sad)
    Sorry for messing up your rendition of me thingamajig, but I’m a regular chameleon baby (I am sad and happy).
    I’m sure you will “FIG Ar it out, FIG Ar it out, figa rit figa rit”. I have 3 Tener’s in my pocket, about $30 with the current exchange rate. (I am happy)

    epicurienne: thanks, but I never go back on my word (but then again I could just delete this blog and carry on as if nothing ever happened!!) (I am thinking)

    S. Le. and Gina: I thought dog avatar people were bloggers’ best friends. (I am silly)

    w1kkp: (I am sad).
    Big meanie emoticon hater. (I am being sarcastic)

  9. “Big meanie emoticon hater”:

    C’mon, this is reason alone to give them up. Hilarious. Writing out sarcasm takes talent and that you have.

    I look forward to more big meanies.

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  11. You are the now the official creator of emoticon replacements- the king of alternatives, the ” parent”(hesis ) of effective writing.

    This is a romp of funniness….I love it!
    ( heart )

  12. My avatar is a CAT, thank you very much! It is “Mac” from “Get Fuzzy.”

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