Have you ever visited an observatory and looked through the big telescope?

It’s pretty amazing what is out there in space: millions of stars you could never see with the naked eye.

Don’t ask if you can look through the other end of the telescope so that everything will look really really far away.

The staff don’t like that very much.

note: I want a periscope for my van, so I can see what’s in front of the big truck I’m usually following.



2 responses to “Observatories

  1. I haven’t looked through a very large telescope but when I was a kid a friend of mine let me look through his 4 and half inch reflector telescope.

    I was blown away to see saturn and its rings. The strange thing was that is was black and white.

    razzbuffnik: I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few observatories over the years. The last time was in Chile which has quite a few big ones because of the visibility factor. It’s always an amazing experience. There is one close by to where I live that is open to the public regularly. I will have to check it out.

  2. You are very observant…

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