Forgetting Words



People who partially forget a word but still try to include a portion of it into a conversation are not fooling anyone.

For example, please refrain from using these utterances when speaking: alwaysthinktheyaresickiacs, firomaniacs, or spiderphobia.

These people should really open a word definitionary a little more often.

note: I thought of this while suffering from cantsleepnia.

3 responses to “Forgetting Words

  1. And they are often accompanied by those that you have to do the fill in the blanks conversation with (you know, those who you sit there waiting for 5 minutes while they try to think of the word they need and if you provide it, they always say, no that’s not it).

  2. @willow:
    I am kind of hmmm, errr, this kind of person.
    hmmmm. NO! That’s not it!

  3. A somewhat belated and be-earlied thanks for the comments.

    I love this post, but most people must have been off on summer vacation or winter vacation at the time.

    I may have to think of it again and repost it!

    Thanks Willow and small-lebowski.

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