McDonald’s Cheeseburgers


I like McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

I can eat 4 or 5 without even thinking about it.


They are crap: I know.

It’s the ketchup and pickles that I like.

If you put ketchup and pickles on a piece of cardboard, I’d probably eat it and ask for seconds. It’s probably more nutritional too.


note: my attempt to draw Tony the Tasmanian back in to the blogosphere.

4 responses to “McDonald’s Cheeseburgers

  1. Hey PR, what do they have in the Japanese McDonalds that is something from their own country?

    Like Hawaii McDonalds serves Spam Musubi~spam with rice wrapped in dried seaweed…

    In germany they serve beer on the menu of drinks…

    I call McDonalds, CrackDonalds because it’s so addicting!

    sweetiegirlz: there is usually a monthly special like “Kalbi Beef Burgers” (sliced beef) “Ebi Fry Burgers” (shrimp style filet-o-fish) “Teriyaki Burgers” (teriyaki sauce).

    Getting ketchup for the “Fries” is like pulling teeth at all fastfood restaurants here.

  2. I reckon eating a McBurger IS like eating cardboard, at least to me it is.

    I’ve been drinking McIced Coffee. Help me Tony! I’m getting hooked!!

    (I’ve been trying to get him back out here as well.)

  3. Tony, I just had a Cinnamon Melt and an Iced Coffee.

  4. I kind of agree and disagree with your idea.
    I like the ketchup and the pickles in a cheeseburger, but the cheese and the burger is what makes the burger so good!

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