Blofeld Eye


I am not a morning person.

It takes me a while to shake off sleep’s cobwebs and function properly.

As for facial features … I don’t know what happens while I’m asleep, but metamorphosis take place.

This morning I awoke to “Blofeld Eye“!

Whose face do you wake up to?

note: I must have “in…creased” my sleeping time.

double note: At least I didn’t wake up to Scaramanga nipples!!!


3 responses to “Blofeld Eye

  1. I reckon I look more like a scarecrow than anything human. I must say the Scaramanga superfluous polythelia would be very disturbing!

  2. At least you didn’t wake up with a hangover and an ugly girl in bed with you…

  3. I wake sometimes saying “Boss Boss The plane!”

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