Air Conditioners



Do you turn an air conditioner up or down to make the room colder?

I’ve never figured that one out.

note: If everyone is using air conditioners, why isn’t the air in great condition?

11 responses to “Air Conditioners

  1. I always say turn it down but it confuses my husband. 🙂

  2. It seems men often get confused with the whole “up or down” thing.

  3. If it gets warmer instead of cooler, you’ve done it wrong. Figure it out lad!

  4. Don’t get me started…
    Air Conditioning is my life.
    There are only two settings on an air conditioner:
    Not warm enough and not cool enough


  5. Turning the temperature down makes it cooler and turning the A/C up makes it run more . All seems perfectly logical to me.

    Life without A/C isn’t worth living, at least here in DC.

  6. We live without any A/C at all so I’m PRE-conditioned to living and adapting to being without one.

    Now I find being in most stores, I feel cold.
    Mainly, I would not want to be standing under any of those suspended units. That kind of A/C would not be healthy if it was down and not up.

  7. When I moved to Texas from Belgium, I had never heard of air conditioners. I guess the garage where I purchased my first car saw me coming from a mile away.
    I proudly got home that evening with a very cool car that had no A/C. In TEXAS. Where temperatures hit 100 every summer.

    No one wanted to buy the car from me. Such a hot little car!

  8. Whoah!!! I must have hit a nerve on this air-conditioning thing!!
    Thanks for all the comments 🙂
    Personally, if I want it cooler I say turn up the air-con and for warmer turn down the air-con; but then again I do put in the toilet paper roll underhanded too.

  9. I just throw things at mine until something happens.

  10. I should have known you were an underhanded toilet paper hanger!

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