Umbrella Tournaments



Are there “sun delays” at umbrella tournaments?


note: I don’t think I ever really own umbrellas, as they always lose me outside of bars.

double note: Catch and release: just like fishing.

6 responses to “Umbrella Tournaments

  1. Great pic. As you know, it’s been rainy all week in London town and yes, just as you say, my careless umbrella nearly lost ME outside a pub yesterday. Silly thing.

  2. I probably own 5 unbrellas but rarely have one with me when I need it. They are usually busy keeping the area under my car seat dry. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

  3. I had once the best umbrella in the world: it was green and had little plastic frogs impaled by their butts on each stretcher.
    I was representing the clinic for a court case and the judge was absolutely fascinated with it. At recess, he asked me where I had purchased it. I won the case but I lost the umbrella (or maybe it was the judge.)

  4. Divine picture. I like umbrellas for swinging dramatically, but to keep dry I prefer a wide-brimmed Aussie hat.

  5. BTW, your umbrella pic is the perfect illustration for a blog post I’m writing. Would you mind if I use it? I will put a credit in the caption so everyone knows where it came from…

  6. dirtywhitecandy: I’m sorry to say that that picture/image isn’t mine. I used to “use things” from the web.
    You can use it, but don’t put my name on it: it’s not mine.
    I have another umbrella picture that you can use and put my name on here:

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