Why do people accessorize things with: tags, buttons, stickers, clips, bangles, bobbles, magnets, doohickeys, doodads, and charms?

I’m not pointing any fingers: I do it too. Fridge magnets and bumper-stickers are my weakness.

Is it to personalize an item? Is it to make a statement?

Is it human nature to mark stuff as “mine” like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant or a bear clawing a tree?

I don’t have any answers; just wondering.

What do you think? 

note: Is excessive accessorizing “excessorizing“?

double note: Are nylon stockings an accessory to a crime?

5 responses to “Accessories

  1. You don’t make fashion statements, you make fashion questions.
    Original, just like you.

    Laughed at excessorizing.

  2. This sort of thing makes perfect sense to me. I have bumper stickers to figure out which one is my car in the parking lot, and I use magnets to make it easier to figure out which refrigerator is mine in the kitchen.

  3. I do some of it as well but have no idea why. Probably the same reason we place objects ever so carefully around our homes. Sort of silly when you think about it.

    You’re just saying that’s not your phone so we won’t be jealous…

  4. Accessories on their way out? Egressories?

    The notes are great.

    Bumper stickers are statements especially if they spell “I Love Vaginas.”

  5. Hey Nat, what happened to Va-jay-jays?

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