Sickly Sweet


An overdose




glucose, sucrose, fructose, or dextrose


will leave you


variclose to comatosed.

note: I tried in vein not to do poetry again.

8 responses to “Sickly Sweet

  1. Oh, for a tractor beam! Yum!

    Now I want candy…and it’s only nine thirty in the morning!

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. I think that’s a photo of the subject matter of a Pommeroy wet dream.

    razzbuffnik: that thought ran through my head too when I saw this photo.

  3. That picture makes me think that something bad is about to happen.

    Cute things running for their lives…

  4. Who is Pommeroy and why is he having a wet dream about the galactose?

    nathaliewithanh: You don’t read Pommeroy? One of Pat Coakley’s favourites 🙂 He is a skittle candy freak. Check him out; he is funny, but Only Living Room Funny.


  5. Awww….I’m going to go right away and see if pomdog has a new post! He would LOVE this photo. He is very, very funny and he breaks your heart a little in the process. You are right. He is a favorite! Aww…I’m going to check right now!

  6. Come on mate! Is it REALLY possible to OD on sugar? I’d like to try!

  7. Pomeroy criticized Dallas.

  8. Ross-

    Hoo boy… I’m glad I checked in for this one.

    I have to tell you though, i’d feel alot better if the centerpiece wasn’t green. I like the COLOR green, mind you, but those green Skittles are mine enemy.
    And thanks for the shout out!

    Razz – Skittles & Kate Winslet. 🙂

    Pat – I have a new post finally, but it’s me taking a break…. but i’ll be back!!

    Natalie – My criticism was more for the idea of making that museum… no offense to Dallas or the people itself. I have many friends there.

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