Road Music


Travelling from Melbourne to Perth straight involves an awful lot of driving.

When I did this 12 years ago, 3 out of the 4 people in the van took turns behind the wheel: the 4th was not to be trusted.

The only benefit as driver was that you were in control of the music.

I was looking forward to my first driving shift, as the van’s owner and his friend had played Deep Purple for 12 hours non-stop.

Once securely in the driver’s seat I examined the tape selection:

12 Deep Purple cassettes!

I should have saw that coming.

note: no one ever fell asleep driving.

3 responses to “Road Music

  1. You should’ve started singing , 99 bottles of beer on the wall. or even this:

    “this is the never ending soooonnnggg
    and I hope you’ll sing aloooonnnggg
    Somebody started singing it
    Not knowing what it was
    And they’ll just keep on singing it FOREVER
    just because…

    This is the never ending soooonnnggg….”

  2. Hey thanks for keeping up with my page 🙂

    I once thought the distance between the Australian coasts was small. Then my friend from Australia informed me that the flat map projection was very deceiving. It’s like…California to the east coast of the US. Ahhh!

  3. It probably was the “On the Road” box set. Hope you admonished the purpletraitor.

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