It’s the “o-bon” holiday in my region of Japan.

For many people it means 3 or 4 days off of work to visit the family grave and bring the spirits of the departed, in the form of a lantern flame, back to their house’s family shrine.

Most houses have a special area that contains a miniature shrine, incense holders, a few vase looking things, and assorted other shrine related paraphernalia.

The house I’m in has a little recessed space in one room for this purpose: it makes a great computer area!

When I first learned about “o-bon”, I thought I could wrangle a paid trip home to pick up my dead relatives’ spirits, bring them back to Japan, and show them my computer area.

I guess it doesn’t work that way.

I just get to work; but so does everyone else working at this company.

No-bon voyage for me, I guess.


note: I’d rather have some one leave me spirits than take mine!

double note: the above photo doesn’t have anything to do with o-bon as far as I know. 



5 responses to “O-bon

  1. Hey Planet,
    Can you say Happy O-Bon?
    Like Happy Holidays or is it a bit rude?

  2. I thought you were calling ME!

  3. I was glad to see that you noted the photo and O-ban were not related, as it would be kinda creepy if all of the tombstones in Japan looked like Hello Kitty.

  4. Those funny little outfits make me think of Mannekin Pis in Belgium. That little statue has a wardrobe to beat the band and a team of stylists big enough to make a supermodel turn green.

  5. Pick up your dead relatives’ spirits and show them your computer area?
    You’re just pimp nut crazy kewl and simply nuts. How can something so simple crack me up so much?

    I can just imagine the face of your kin-spirits in front of your alien offerings.

    Epic: Manneken Pis saved Brussels. How could these crochet bonneted figurines with bibs possibly remind you of our national hero?

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