The French Foreign Legion




I’m thinking about joining the French Foreign Legion.

The local Legions don’t serve wine.

note: Do the French celebrate “B Day”?     (say it out loud)

double note: Is there a French Local Legion too? I like to be at home on weekends.


5 responses to “The French Foreign Legion

  1. admit it, you just want to join for the French’s mustard. That is one ‘butt ugly’ hat, I see you as more of a beret man.

  2. I get the pronunciation of B day, and appropriately, at first glance, that hat looks like a roll of toilet tissue!

  3. I’m sure a lot of the French DO celebrate the bidet!

    The hat would keep your neck from being sunburnt.

    Would you like red or white wine with your MRE?

  4. You could at least get a picture of a real kepi.

  5. Steve L: I screw up on pictures sometimes. … once I made a mistake about authentic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle weaponry. I got a lot of angry comments; I can assure you.

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