Sacred Cows



When a sacred cow has a bowel movement is that classified as “deifecation”?





note: Is the guy that cleans up cow manure called the Cowadunga Dude?

double note: did you notice I didn’t use the word “shit” once.

4 responses to “Sacred Cows

  1. Sugar Honey Iced Tea! a post on bovine fecal matter? whatsa matta U? The guy that cleans up cow poo is called, “Sugs doo bee him”

  2. Oooh shit! Getting all the good stuff on you as I’m typing this! Jerry is very happy about your purchase. He says your old one looked like a toy. He wants a picture. Aaron and he miss you. He wants to know how your heater is doing. I told Jerry all about your electric blanket and he is upset about it. He’ll remember this for next time you want to come and stay at his place.

  3. Um, has planetross just left the galaxy or just nathaliewithanh?

    If I had trouble figuring out your line of being mad at cows, please imagine my confusion with this!

    Is this CIA code for how to deal with the Russian incursion into Georgia?

    w1kkp: only nathaliewithanh has left the galaxy. She is actually meeting someone who knows me. My friend Kelly Pettit invited a few musicians to come to Japan to perform at his concert in June. They stayed at my house while they were here. Through reading some comments on nathaliewithanh`s blog, I discovered we both knew one of the guys. She had met him through a friend of a friend I think.
    I guess our friend “Jerry” is once again passing through Texas and this time nathaliewithanh is getting important secret information about me. 🙂

  4. That cow sculpture is shite! Scary! Nice puns on your part though…

    S. Le: Thanks for the compliment. I agree it is a shite sculpture.

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