2 Letter Words


Do you know why there aren’t more 2 letter words in English?

Because the “Periodic Table of the Elements” is hogging a lot of the possible 2 letter combinations.

It’s not right!

Shakespeare wrote amazing stuff with the limited supply of 2 letter words available:

To be or not to be


Imagine how much more incredible he could have been if he had had a larger selection of 2 letter words to work with:

 Ag ru ge cu?

Ar ne fe pu,

Mo ba lu la ni ca.

Ac tu ti te os ga!


The Periodic Table by any other name would still be a pain in the ass.

note: If I go on the Science Diet am I an Atomic Weight Watcher?



13 responses to “2 Letter Words

  1. I believe Science Diet is pet food. Your diet could be a pet peeve….

    The periodic table was invented by a Brit, improved by a Russian, and used world wide. Who’s to blame, really?

    English is already difficult to learn without learning how to pronounce “Mn” and “Tc”, yeah?

  2. Do you realize what you just said in Czech!! You’re going to have a lot of people pissed off at you!
    Mo ba lu la ni ca.

    Ac tu ti te os ga! BACK TO YOU TOO BUDDY!

    My grandfather taught me this as a kid if you read it fast!
    O-S-D-R! C-D-B-D-I’s .

  3. Smart stuff….

    It’s hurting my braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!

  4. This is scary. The only thing I ever properly memorised in Science was the Periodic Table. This post has prompted memories of our science teacher, who left flakes of dandruff everywhere he went. They even fell into the bunsen burner when he was giving demonstrations.
    Now let’s see if you get any more comments after this one. If you do, then my attempt at lifting the curse has worked.

  5. All the funny comments that could be said about this post, too, have already been taken!
    Drats! I got here too late.

    A funny bunch of hooligans, here-:-)

  6. There are 96 two-letter English words that are legal in tournament Scrabble play.

    Challenge me to play at your own risk…

  7. If only you could speak French (which you should because of your Belgian roots), I would have a rare treat for you: les Shadoks. Their whole language consists of 4 words: Ga, Bu, Zo and Meu (their brain only has 4 compartments.)

    The Shadocks live on the left of the sky.

  8. Apart from now wanting to watch les Shadoks, I am pleased to note that my curse has been broken and you are free to receive more comments. Now go and say hi to the aliens and tell them to have an Asahi for me. Arigato muchly.

  9. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    S. Le: I remember using Mneumonics to past this test. I’ll have to waTch out for “Tc” words though.

    Kelly Pettit: My grandfather only taught me O-I-C-U-R-M-T and how to spell SHELLOIL on a calculator 😦

    Jimsmuse: do players consonantly withdraw from scrabble tournaments because of vowel problems?

    nathaliewithanh: these les Shadoks sound a lot like French TeleTubbies 🙂

    epicurienne: thanks 🙂

  10. French TeleTubbies? I don’t think so!
    Here are a few shadok words of wisdom:

    “When one tries continuously, one ends up succeeding. Thus, the more one fails, the more one has chances that it works.”

    “If there is no solution, it is because there is no problem.”

    “In order for there to be the fewest discontent, one only has to always hit on the same ones.”

    Does that sound like the TeleTubbies to you? The Shadoks were a mean satire of the French society in the 60s. French people were divided in shadokophobes and shadokophiles.

    Trust me: right up your alley. 😉

    : I was just kidding 🙂 I like the quotes. It does sound right up my alley 🙂

  11. Hmmm…I was thinking that a “shadok” was sort of a French fortune cookie. Thanks for clearing that up. (And yes, they do sound kinda cool!)

    As far as “vowel” problems for Scrabble players…one of the highest ranked players in the world actually has so many intestinal problems that his nickname is “G.I. Joel”. Does that count?

    And aren’t you sort of freaked out that I know this much about Scrabble?

  12. P.S. Hey Ross…how did you become such a chick and androgynous-blogger magnet while I was gone? Did I miss a pic of you playing beach volleyball or something?

    jimsmuse: the things you miss when you go away 🙂

    I think the regular readers are evenly distributed among men/women/androgynous.
    However there was: https://planetross.wordpress.com/2008/07/22/swimming/.

    Actually, I’m amazed at all the amazingly interesting people who read my stuff and let me read their stuff.
    I never knew I had this many stupid things in my head. It’s very surprising …disturbing, but still surprising.
    I’m actually quite ordinary: as my mother said when I used to ask her if I was smart or funny or would ever get a date; “You can run with the rest.” 🙂

  13. I was kidding when I made the above comment, and am now laughing out loud that it turned out I was exactly right.

    Thank you for bringing this entry to my attention, although it only reminds me that sadly, it would never work out between us: the hours that you spend tanning happen to be the exact same hours that I spend sleeping in a coffin.

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