Field of Vision


As I watched the object slowly appear to get larger and larger; I stood transfixed, mesmerized, and lost in thought about how “depth perception” was an amazing process of eye and brain working together in perfect unison.

How long did it take humans to develop such an incredible ability?

I was pondering this question searching for the answer …

And then it hit me!


Fuckin’ baseball.


note: never play baseball with an eye patch.

double note: photo taken at the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

triple note: I’m not that small really … it’s your depth perception messing with you.

8 responses to “Field of Vision

  1. hahahaha. That’s my kind of humor! Good one! Especially since you got hit by a baseball … 😉

  2. At least it wasn’t something dangerous like a bullet or a sparrow strapped to an improvised explosive.

    Then where would you be?

  3. No clever comment here besides that it was a brilliant idea for the photograph!

    Besides, you got to experiment with your posing. We’ll call this one position number 2, position one being of course arms to the side, hands in pockets. What a breakthrough!

  4. Nice photo. I really believed the girl was a giant and you were a mini-man. Wow am I dumb…

  5. An other worldly great photo- looks like you’ve scored a depth of field goal!

  6. Thanks for the comments 🙂

    The Salar de Uyuni is an amazing place. I think a lot people take similar photos there.

    bonniluria: hee hee … groan … hee hee … groan 🙂

  7. Cheese man- you say groan? I say, you would have said the same thing…..:-)

    bonnieluria: I groan at my own stuff too. That`s a good thing.

    I`m not a child, I`m a groan man 🙂

  8. I did not realize you were that short.

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