Money Making Scheme #1


I’m going to build a water fountain in my frontyard, sit back, and just watch all those coins roll in!







note:  I was looking on the web for a photo of a water fountain that looks like a giant drinking fountain, but I guess it hasn’t been built yet. Maybe it never will, but I can still dream.

6 responses to “Money Making Scheme #1

  1. I could see where you would have had a______,

    yen 1 |yen|
    noun ( pl. same)
    the basic monetary unit of Japan.

    noun [in sing. ]
    a longing or yearning : she always had a yen to be a writer.

    ____ to do that. You go, guyfriend!

  2. oooohhhh, I’d pay to see that! The picture is beautiful

  3. Looks like a lots of liquidities coming your way…

  4. I can see problems with collecting the money, perhaps you could make it coin operated.

  5. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    note:’s would be most welcome too, but please put them in the box beside the fountain and not in the fountain itself (unless they are those waterproof Australian kind).

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