I want to become a tracker.

You know, hunting down things by reading all the clues that indicate they went in a certain direction.

I’m going to start small though.

Maybe with trains first.

ok …

Toy trains.


note: I think my train of thought has been derailed.

double note: I want someone to say, “Who is that guy?“.  no prizes, but can you guess what movie quote I’ve bastardized?

One response to “Trackers

  1. “Who are those guys?” is from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. “Who is that guy?” no clue.

    I think you have been derailed for quite some time mate. Be careful tracking full sized trains. If you do it wrong, it could be rather bad for you.

    S. Le: I said it was bastardized 🙂 but you are correct 🙂 I guess I am Botch Cassidy or the SomeDunce Kid 🙂

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