Margarine, Plastic, and Me!


My friend has once again shared an odd fact  with me that I can’t get out of my head.

“Margarine is only one molecule away from plastic.”

What’s so disturbing about this?

Margarine comes in a plastic container, so of course they’re only one molecule away from each other.

I’m only one molecule away from plastic when I stick my head in a plastic bucket. (which I did, but didn’t like the photo)

I’m also only one molecule away from glass when I do this:

note: sorry I haven’t been one molecule away from a razor for a few days.

double note: This fact about margarine and plastic is pure fiction. It’s just a product of someone’s imargination.

13 responses to “Margarine, Plastic, and Me!

  1. Fabio is one molecule away from plastic too. Freudian case of Primargy identification perhaps?

  2. I bet you were also one molecule away from ” Parkay ” floors.

  3. I cant believe you’re not shaven

  4. You have been awarded the “Kick Ass Blogger Award” ! Come to my site to Pick it up.

  5. I meant primargery of course. This was a pre-dog hair comment.

    Congrats on the “Kick Ass” award. For a second, I thought it was a Kiss Ass award and wondered if it was such a good thing to receive it.

  6. My brother can give your brother a kick ass reward too!
    Butter is still better than margarine though. But I don’t like either one 1 molecule away from my face.

  7. PS. That photo of you where you’re 1 molecule away from plastic SCARES me! Not too many happy thoughts appear when I see that! (unless the plastic was competely around your head then….;) just teasing…

  8. I’m in fear of eating anything the Colonial makes now. First fake honey. Then fake margarine. What’s next? Fake chicken! Perhaps it already IS fake! Whoa is me….

  9. P.S. We all know you kick ass. Ever been arrested or charged with assault?

    S. Le: no assault or buttery charges have been pressed against me 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for debunking this whole “margarine is one molecule away from plastic” myth. You rock!

    emma: I do rock, thank you for noticing. You seem to be a bit obsessed with margarine. I could be wrong; I usually am.

  11. That blog post completely cracked me up!! “Margarine is one molecule away from plastic” actually comes from an “urban legend” that has been circulating on the Internet since 2003.

    Let’s get technical for a moment. Plastic is a polymer, whose ingredients may include polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, acrylic, silicone, and urethane. Margarine is an emulsion of naturally processed vegetable oil, water, salt, vitamins, and other functional ingredients that ensure the safety and quality of the finished product. Emulsions consist of two or more ingredients that naturally do not remain blended or “in suspension”; and need added ingredients to keep them together; think of it like oil and water. Other types of emulsified foods that you may eat include deli meats and salad dressings.

    Living a healthy lifestyle includes eating moderate amounts of the right foods. For example, substituting soft margarine for butter. Margarine has 3 times less saturated fat than butter, not to mention beneficial polyunsaturated fats and Vitamin E. Yes, trans fat in margarine was once an issue but margarine producers have reduced trans fat levels to a miniscule amount comparable to that found in butter. I’ve been working with the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers so I’ve learned a lot about this particular topic. In addition, heart disease runs in my family so I have a personal interest in the subject as well. Check out the links below for more information:,, and

    Emma: thanks for stopping by again. I see your margarine obsession hasn’t diminished.
    Sadly, I’ve switched to lard lately. hee hee!

  12. it’s not wrong (technically cheese is but one molecule away from being plastic), but it doesn’t mean cheese is deadly.

    It does mean, however, that ignorance is very contageous.

  13. doctorman: thanks for stopping by.
    I tend to ignore ignorant people … I think that is okay. hee hee!

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