Nan Is Viking!

I tried out the new Indian restaurant in town. Great food, reasonably priced, and nan was indeed viking!

Another example of Japlish at its finest. 

“Viking” in Japan means “smorgasbord”, “buffet”, and …  “All You Can Eat”. 

I guess all Swedes and Norwegians look alike anyway; but I ain’t touching those Norwegian meatballs!


note: I was going to say click here for enlightenment, but the possibility for endarkenment made me change my mind.

but …

 you can still click if you really want to.

double note: I did see “Cuury” mispelled, but planetross doesn’t make fun of spelling mistakes, unless they are “fuuny“.

6 responses to “Nan Is Viking!

  1. Nan is Viking! Yes But the curry is spicing! Why viking why not Nan is Smorgasbord?

  2. It’s good they put “Real taste” on the window. Indian food sucks when it’s the fake tasting kind.

  3. Thanks for the interesting language lesson. Viking = smorgasbord. Who knew? Don’t blame you on the meatball thing. Ewww!

    Sadly I don’t see any spelling errors…

  4. My riding teacher was Viking, but not Nan. At pony camp, when we misbehaved (which was pretty much a given any time of the day or night), she would cook us Swedish food to punish us like… Spaghetti with scrambled eggs on top.

    To this day, I do not know whether it really was Swedish food or improvised revenge sustenance. It does not matter. We were all 14 and anorexic anyway.

  5. Don’t be naughty or Nan or she might just punish you with her little old lady’s broad sword

    Gives new meaning to the saying “She’s an old battle axe”

  6. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    smwwjapan: thanks for stopping by 🙂 You know; I know you know. And I know that you know that I know 🙂

    sweetiegirlz: There was an even an Indian guy working in the place 🙂

    S. Le: I guess I should have written “They mispelt ‘Curry’. 🙂

    nathaliewithanh: scrambled eggs and spaghetti sounds kind of nice. I’d make a sandwich out of that combo, but a lot of ketchup would be needed 🙂

    Tony: haha 🙂

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