If chickens never existed, what would everyone compare random other meat to?

note: KFC would probably just be the name of some English football club.

double note: “Come on! Do it! Are you random other meat or something?”

9 responses to “Chickens

  1. A particularly cruel turn of event for Jessica Simpson…

  2. Other meats would probably taste like squirrel.

    “The Wrong Trousers” is a brilliant film!

  3. S. Le: Feathers McGraw steals the show 🙂

    nathaliewithanh: I don’t get your reference 😦 Who is Jessica Simpson? and what is her association with chicken? I am culturally unaware (seriously).

    note: just working on the “Pat Coakley Project” at the moment 🙂 It will be up in the next few hours 🙂

  4. Jessica Simpson!!! Come on! You just dated yourself my friend. Doooh. Calling you a friend just dated myself too! Shit!

  5. Someone has been living in Japan way too long…

    Jessica Simpson? Where to even start? Pop singer and actress, daughter of a Baptist minister who managed her to stardom by making references to her big boobs. Very classy family.

    Last year, she started dating Tony Romo, the Cowboy quarterback, and was responsible for the Cowboy downfall at the playoffs. The boobs are really really enormous.

    The chicken reference now: she starred in her own reality show with her then husband and, in one infamous episode, alleged that what she was eating was chicken – it was tuna (which is also called chicken of the sea.)

    Oh dear! The Pat Coakley project. I’m very scared… and almost on my way to a shoot. I’ll have to be patient…

    I’ve been thinking about your fromage world. I cannot think of a more excellent project (but it will take me a while.)

  6. Tastes like Gopher

    Ervin Sholpnick: the guy from “The LoveBoat”? you are sick and twisted 🙂

  7. What is this “chicken” thing you are talking about?

  8. Go ahead. Mock chickens. How’d you like to go through life with feathers on your butt and a pecker on your face?

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