Can You Guess What It Is?


I went to a 2 hour Firework display in Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan. It was my 4th visit and it didn’t disappoint.

I’m always amazed at the fireworks that make heart, smiley face, and mickey mouse shapes.

Can you guess what this is?

How about this photo?

Maybe this one is better.

Or this one.


note: the fireworks of this turned out perfectly; my camera skills need help.

double note: sweetiegirlz – if you don’t figure it out, I really need to take a photography class.

6 responses to “Can You Guess What It Is?

  1. Well, no offense friend, but not the best photo. But I’m guessing it’s Hello Kitty? Do we win anything this time? How about a Kelly Pettit CD? (sigh).

  2. Yay, it IS hello kitty! I never saw fireworks in the shape of pictures, cool.

  3. Without reading the previous comments i couldn’t figure it out. Wont blame photography skills, for if you invest money in taking photography lessons, you might be tempted into further such posts.

    indresh: I left myself over-exposed on this entry, but … negative comments are allowed on stuff I post under photography. Sorry to leave you in the darkroom on this one: the fireworks were of Hello Kitty. 🙂

  4. Whoa! How do they do that???

    S. Le: I don’t know, but I’d like to know too. I’m hoping prairie flounder over at Sky Fishing can enlighten us:

  5. Um. What’s a “Hello, Kitty?” My first thought was it was an Eliot Spitzer kinda thing. Shows you where my mind is.

    w1kkp: Hello Kitty is big like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

    “Hello Kitty has held the position of U.S. children’s ambassador for UNICEF since 1983.” Are you not politically aware? 🙂

    There are photos of an over-enthusiastic Kitty Chan lovers’ car here:

    Sad to say this car is in the city I live and is owned by a guy 😦

  6. The fourth one is good. I have this weird intuition that you did not pack a tripod for the occasion…

    nathaliewithanh: what’s a tripod? 🙂 It was so dark, I couldn’t even figure out how to change the shutter speed. Electronic equipment is lost on me: I must have been a Luddite in a past life. (a machine breaker from the Industrial Age, but I’m sure you knew that already).

    On planetross everything is made of cardboard and it never rains 🙂

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