When I tell people I ate a lot of “Fast Food” in South America, they usually say:

“With all that cheap delicious food everywhere, you chose to eat burgers?”

I didn’t want to

but …

it was usually the only place I could break the big bills dispensed by ATMs.

note: ATM in Spanish and Portuguese must mean “change AT McDonald’s”.

2 responses to “ATMs

  1. It has always befuddled me how an ATM can be so convenient and inconvenient at the same time!

    McDonalds is the WalMart of fast food….

  2. Uh….were the banks never open to exchange the currency?

    Augusto: Augusto, Augusto, Augusto, … sure if I took out money in the day the banks were open, but … waiting in a line up sucks in any country, but … in South America it usually sucks more 🙂

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